Court Hire

Minimum court hire booking is 1 hour. There are no lights so bookings need to be made for daylight hours.

A credit will only be issued due to wet weather, or if the courts are unplayable. No refunds will be made for change of mind or incorrect booking days/hours. 


The following details the process to unlock the gate at the courts using the black Smart Padlock:


  • When you make your booking, the 9-digit code received in your booking email will be used to unlock the gate (see details below on how to unlock the Smart Padlock).


  • After you have entered the 9-digit code to unlock and remove the Smart Padlock, you will then lift the black metal flap which will allow the pad bolt to be pulled to the left to open the gate.


When you go to the tab on the RHS 'Book a Court Online', you will need to complete details for your booking and then you will receive an email confirming your booking together with a unique 9-digit code (at the bottom of the email) to unlock the Smart Padlock.

To unlock the Smart Padlock:
- press the unlock button (bottom RHS of padlock) to wake the device
- enter the 9-digit access code from the confirmation email into the padlock (ensure you hear a 'beep' for each number pressed before entering the next number)
- press unlock button again and the status light will flash green. You will hear an ascending tone.
- pull black metal hasp up to unlock

Please ensure you relock the gate behind you when you have finished.


Courts at Hallam Ave, Lane Cove West are available for hire on:

  • Weekdays 7.30am till dark except Wednesdays until 2.30pm.
  • Saturday 7.30am till dark.
  • Sunday 7.30-9.00am & 11.30am-2:30pm

Current casual hire charges:

  • $12 per hour.
  • Discount available for permanent bookings paid for in advance.
  • Balls and racquets need to be provided by the booker of the courts.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak and following recommendations from Tennis NSW and Lane Cove Council, please note the following:

The 2 courts are open for members and the public, but the following rules must be strictly adhered to:
1. A maximum of 4 players per court. Players must leave the premises at the end of their booking.
2. Social distancing must be observed at all times.
3. The toilets are available for use.
4. All players must provide their own hand sanitiser.
Thank you for your co-operation.




All bookings are to be made online at (click the 'Book a Court Online' tab above) and only call 0424 229 259 if you have any problems.